5 Natural Ways To Relieve Your Neck Pain

Neck Pain can range from a minor stiffness in the neck muscles to excruciating ache radiating down from the neck to your arm, interfering with your daily activities, such at the ability to dress, concentrate or sleep.

What Happens When You Have Neck Problems?

Chronic Neck Pain can lead to significant loss of range of motion in your cervical spine, muscle weakness, pins and needle running the arm to your hand, altered movements , loss of ability to grasp and manipulate household objects, loss of other functions and sleep disturbance.

When To Seek Help From The Professionals?

Neck injury resulting from a motor vehicular accident or any other trauma, obviously needs urgent attention. However, consider going to a Physical Therapist if you have neck pain originating insidiously in absence of trauma and lasting more than 3-5 days in spite of rest and household measures such as hot water shower and application of topical pain ointment.

Other indications are unexplained loss of strength in arm and/or hand, pins and needles like sensation travelling from neck to arm or difficulty moving the neck freely.

How Is Neck Pain Assessed Nowadays?

It all begins with understanding your habitual use of the spine and a good physical examination. If need be your doctor can order x rays, MRI, CT scan.

What about Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is the most conservative approach of resolving your neck pain wherein the treatments are conducted with natural means such as exercises, stretches and manual therapy along with use of Physical Modalities such as the Clinical Ultrasound and Interferential Current Therapy. At Dynamic Physical Therapy, we use advanced diagnostics such as the Electromyography (EMG) and Neuro Musculoskeletal Ultrasound to quantify the scope and severity of your neck issues so that you can receive highly efficient treatment plans just made for your individual condition.

5 Tips to Heal Neck Naturallyblank

  1. Learn what is normal and good posture for your spine
  2. Simple neck stretches can help you relieve the stresses caused by repeated forward reaching activities done throughout the day.
  3. LIfestyle change such as frequent changes in posture during work and avoiding prolonged sitting can contribute positively towards your spine health.
  4. Ergonomic evaluation and subtle changes to your work gears and /or furniture can minimize the physical stress on your spine.
  5. In cases of moderate to severe neck pain, temporary use of an appropriate neck brace can relieve pressure and make those sore muscles work less and heal faster.


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