What do you mean by balance?

In the simplest term, your ability to maintain your body over your base of support (i.e both feet) is balance.

Why balance and normal gait is important?

Good balance is a result of complex interplay between the neural systems involving movements and control of your head and neck with respect to the rest of your body. In addition, it also involves good alignment at spine and weight bearing joints as well as strength and speed of movements during daily activities. Our expert physical therapist will evaluate all the components such as strength, mobility, reflexes, ability to shift weight and identify any issues with your balance and gait.

When should I get tested for balance & gait dysfunction?

Falls or loss of balance and need to seek assistance from family or leaning on furniture for support while walking are significant indicators suggesting the need for expert help.

Most people don’t understand that they have decreased balance until it is too late and they fall. Falls are the number one cause of death from injury in the US and also cause millions of fractures and injuries each year. Most of this can be prevented with the right physical therapy treatments.

Did you know?

Dr Nilesh Soni is a board certified in Geriatric Physical Therapy and has been successfully treating gait and balance disorders since the past 25 years.