What is Vertigo?

Vertigo can be one of the most intimidating neurological diagnoses to deal with. Physical Therapists utilize Vestibular Rehabilitation (VRT) for vertigo treatment to eliminate dizziness while restoring balance and confidence.

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation (VRT)?

VRT is an exercise-based program designed to help individuals overcome their dizziness or balance deficits. Our therapists will perform a thorough evaluation, including a medical history, balance and gait assessment, strength and flexibility measurements and eye-head movement coordination tests.

Why is it important to do Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy?

  • VRT has been demonstrated to be a highly effective treatment for most individuals with vestibular or central balance system disorders. In a number of studies, customized VRT programs have been reported to be significantly more effective in resolving symptoms than generic exercises and especially medications when it comes to deficits such as vertigo treatment.
  • If you have a problem with your vestibular system, you are at risk for losing your balance and falling. VRT will improve your balance and reduce said risk.
  • Your symptoms of dizziness will not likely resolve without help. VRT will eliminate your dizziness, even if you have been experiencing these symptoms for years.

Who can benefit from Vestibular Rehabilitation?

  • People who suffer from Vertigo, dizziness or balance problems.
  • People who have Neurologic Disorders (Stroke, head injury, multiple sclerosis), a history of inner ear problems, Acoustic Neuroma, Meniere’s syndrome, or Diabetes.
  • Elderly people who are more likely to develop a balance problem due to decreased reaction times and medication side effects.

Did you know?

Dr Esha Desai on our team has specialized training in Vertigo and Balance disorders and is a Certified Vestibular Therapy Provider.