Being Strong - International Foundation for Seniors Inc

  • Dr Soni founded a non profit organization called Being Strong in 2017.
  • Being Strong is focused on promoting health and well being of older adults. The goals of Being Strong is to maximize the involvement of older adults into physical exercise-activity and improve mindfulness as well as synchronization of mind and body.
  • To date Being Strong has positively impacted more than 1500 people.


MILAN is a non-profit program for community dwelling older adults from South Asian origin, hosted in one of the parks of town of North Hempstead, with partnership of the town.  The mission of MILAN is to offer educational and recreational activities, to promote social growth and socialization, to foster feelings of achievement, companionship and well being that would enhance the quality of life for South Asian older adults. This is the ONLY free program run for South Asian older adults in the town of North Hempstead, where the only fee is your smile.

  • Dr Soni has been with MILAN since its inception – May 2009
  • Dr Soni was the chairperson of MILAN 2009-2013 and again from April 2016 to present.
  • Dr Soni overlooked and was physically present at the program for more than 100 Fridays in last 2 years – only missed when out of the country for family grievance.
  • Increased attendance of members from 30 to 100-125 each week.
  • Started innovative programs such as ‘your health with Doctor Soni’ – specifically addressing the needs of the elderly
  • For the first time Milan seniors enjoyed trips to NY city, as well as Atlantic city in the past year.
  • Highly successful in assimilating seniors from different backgrounds of INDIA – such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Sikh, Muslims, Marathis, and Sindhis. I speak different languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi – besides English which helps me connect very well with the south Asian seniors.
  • Have received more than 100 emails/letters/cards – describing my efforts as – ‘very kind hearted’, ‘very sensitive and respectful’, ‘selfless’, ‘devoted’, ‘expert in geriatric problems’ and many more – I treasure these letters and emails.


HERRICKS INDO US (HIUS) is an organization in the Herricks School district, which helps the new comers to the community with the understanding of school functions and assimilate them in the community.

  • Dr Soni has been with HIUS for more than 15 years
  • Currently Dr Soni is one of the Board Of Directors of HIUS – overlooking MILAN
  • Contributed to other programs such as the spring festival, Diwali festival and health fair.


Dr Soni is on the Health Committee of Gujarati Samaj of NY since last 15 years—helping them with yearly Health Expo which is attended by more than 350 people every year – work for organizing the event, liaison for their ancillary services and represented them on local TV channels.


Dr Soni is on the Advisory Board of this group for the past 11 years. They have more than 1000 members and about 250 members meet on a weekly/biweekly basis. I use my professional expertise to educate this group of seniors with some humor.


  • India Home is an organization for seniors of Indian Origin – having 5 centers at various locations in Queens.
  • Past Consultant: Geriatric Physical Therapy Expert for addressing prevention of mobility problems in the elderly.


Dr Soni was board member of the Nargis Dutt Foundation – very well known for their work in aiding cancer victims especially in India.


Dr Soni has presented more than 1000 lectures and seminars for various organizations in New York in past 20 years. Organizations include but not limited to: Long island jewish hospital, India home, Hius – Milan, local churches & places of worship, project independence, Queens community center, Sunnyside community center, Town of north Hempstead – funday Monday, SNAP and more.

Dr Soni also participates in health fairs conducted by various ethnic groups in the NY and Long Island.

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