5 natural Ways To Relieve Sciatica Pain

Anyone who has ever suffered from back pain knows how disrupting it is to the normal activities at home and work and overall quality of your life. Now if that pain is radiating down one of your legs (that’s what happens in Sciatica), the problems multiply.

Sciatica is a condition that occurs when a nerve in your lower back is injured, pinched, or compressed, causing pain or other symptoms that can extend from the lower back to hip, leg and foot.


What will your doctor ask:

  1. Are you experiencing any pins and needles going down your legs?
  2. Do you have any weakness in your back and leg muscles?
  3. What kind of physical activity / position makes your pain worse?
  4. What have you tried on your own to relieve this pain?
  5. How is Sciatic pain limiting you?


Improve posture: poor posture is one of the long-term causes of Sciatic pain. Ensure use of a lumbar support if you sit for prolonged periods of time at home or work. Avoid habitual sitting on soft couches and recliners.

Change position frequently: sitting posture puts direct mechanical pressure on the Sciatic nerve. Therefore frequent change in posture is very vital for the health of your Sciatic nerve. Follow the motto: ‘My best posture is NEXT posture’.

Strengthen hip muscles: the hip muscles support normal walking motions used in daily activities. These muscles become tight and weak especially when we maintain sitting posture for long times. This causes imbalance and strain on the smaller hip muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve, when walking.

Check body mechanics: physical therapists are experts in analyzing human motions. A careful study of your motions and habitual patterns of movements as well as analysis of your work habits can help you reach the root cause of pressure on the Sciatic nerve.

Stretch specific muscles: gentle and focused stretching of the piriformis, hamstrings and gastroc muscles can be of great help in relieving Sciatic pain.



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