COVID-19 Rehab Program – Flattening The Curve

Press Release: COVID-19 Rehab Program – Helping Flatten The Curve

New York, May 13, 2020 – Dynamic Physical Therapy is now offering a unique and first of it’s kind Rehabilitation Program for people recovering from or having effects caused by the novel coronavirus. The COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program is a specialized set of exercise protocol aimed at returning patient’s back to an active lifestyle. The program addresses physical pain, weakness, and movement limitations for those whose daily living and independence is affected due to coronavirus and isolation. Depending on the patient’s condition and preference, COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program can either be done in-clinic or in the comfort of your home through the telehealth platform.

We are also proud to introduce our Community Giveback Initiative alongside the COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program. We will be offering a free consultation and evaluation to our healthcare heroes and community members on a first come first serve basis. Those interested can schedule a free consultation by visiting The COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program is designed to be four weeks long, however the duration can be adjusted according to each individual’s response to exercises.

“In light of the recent times and considering the development of the pandemic that we are dealing with currently, we [at Dynamic Physical Therapy] have had to adapt with the times. We have completely overhauled our digital presence with a new website and by offering new services that will help our patients stay healthy and active while at home. I have designed this [COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program] protocol based on evidenced based medical research on the effects of exercise on our human body. It’s primarily aimed at patients recovering from COVID-19 but is also for anyone affected. I have had patients recently that had adverse effects due to a non ergonomic work environment from in home setups.” says Dr. Soni, founder of Dynamic Physical Therapy. 

You may find out more about the COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program by visiting our website at

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